Car Show
From Our Club President Roger

The Board members, in an overwhelmingly majority, decided
to cancel our car show this year.This decision did not come
lightly.  I thank the Board for their informative and thoughtful
input as they consulted several sources.There was much
information to consider.  We looked at data from the World
Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control
(CDC), the State of Illinois’ Five Phase Plan, parties involved
at our show, other events and organizers, and last but not
least the members of our club.It was apparent to us from the
data and responses we received that the wise decision was to
forego the show this year.

The timing of our car show on August 2 was definitely a large
consideration.  I think if our show was in September or
October we may have been able to put it on.  Things will start
to open up prior to our show.In fact, Illinois is in Phase Three
now, but the stumbling block will be to allow gatherings of 50
or more people.  Our show goes well beyond that.The main
consideration is the safety and health of our show
participants, vendors at the show, and the many club
members needed to work the show.

Thank You all for Understanding and we will See you in 2021